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I'm happy to introduce you to Kat's Kreations, my blog creation business. I've been blogging for several years now and I always hear "You are so good at this! You should do this as a business!" so I decided it was time to do just that. The following offers are available to you starting RIGHT NOW! I'd love to create a blog for you!
Basic consulting-$10.00

If you just have small problems like you want this fixed or that doesn't look right or if you just want me to make you a blog button and put it on your blog for you, that is covered under this offer. I can directly edit your blog (I will need your information; see next section please) or I can talk you through what you need to do either by email or on the phone.

*If it's something REALLY simple or you just have a question about one of the tips I've already explained in one of my posts, there will be no charge for that consultation*

The Works-$25.00
(for free version of Blogger & Wordpress)

If you want me to totally redo your existing blog or create a new blog for you, that is covered under this offer.


I have to have your login information and your email address. I suggest that you change your password to something you wouldn't normally use (such as ABCDEFG) in order for me to work on your blog and then change it to your normal password when my job is complete. Please do not change it until I tell you I am finished. I may ask you about how your blog looks to you several times before I am completely finished. I will email you when I am completely finished. I will not keep your login information and will never email you with other offers. I will place my logo that links back to these offers on your blog and it must not be removed. It will be small and will not take away from the look of your blog.


I will email you a questionnaire pertaining to your blog once payment is complete. Payments can be made through PayPal or you may send me a check or money order. If you prefer to send me the money, all costs to send it will be paid by you (Western Union or regular mail costs). I will email you my mailing information.

The Works includes your blog template, page elements, separate pages, widgets and a custom made blog button.

The Works - $50.00
(for the paid version {self-hosted} of Wordpress)

This offer includes all of the above. It costs more because it requires more work on my end. I have to download specific programs in order to upload to your blog. You will be required to pay for your hosting service and domain name. If you need help finding a hosting service or domain name or technical help in setting everything up and you have paid for this offer, that consultation will be included in the $50.00. If you just need help finding a hosting service or domain name or technical help in setting it up and have not paid for this offer, that is covered under the $10.00 Basic Consulting offer above.

Changes that you want made to your blog after my work is complete will be covered under the original cost for 10 days following the completion of my work. If you totally hate what I've done (which I hope never happens!), your blog will be put back to the way you originally had it and your money will be refunded. You will have 2 weeks (14 days) from my original completion date to decide if you are satisfied. After the 14 days, all sales are final and no refunds will be made.

I'm very excited about his opportunity to help you have the best looking blog out there! I hope to hear from you soon! Have a beautiful day.

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