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Photobucket is a great tool

Blogger has pages! 


A little more about Pages 


Using a signature

Follow Me (and other people) {Updated}


Keep it real -- Part 1 of my opinion 

A few suggestions -- Part 2 of my opinion

Hiding the navigation bar

Blogger post editor: Old vs. Updated

Those dirty spammers


Places for food related blogs 

All about memes 

Communicating better with your fellow bloggers

Back to top (HTML codes)

A cool text site

Creative copyright for your blog 

Adding a watermark/signature to your photos 

How to make the © symbol 

Top commentators widget {Updated}

A little about scheduled posts

Snap Shots™ 

A few more symbols 

Adding retweet button to your posts 

IntenseDebate comment form 

Following blogs through an RSS feed 

How to block people from your blog 

Print this page 

Can you make money from your blog?

How to copy "button" codes


Tagging/Labeling correctly

Turn your blog into a book

How to toggle the navigation bar 

Blogger changes

ʍoɥ oʇ dıןɟ ʇxǝʇ (Just for fun)

New Blogger Template Designer: Templates 

Zemanta gadget 

New Blogger Template Designer: Backgrounds


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