Those dirty spammers

You guys know about spam right? My newest and most persistent spammer is a lovely Japanese lady that leaves such thoughtful comments in her native language. (That is, of course, sarcasm just in case you don't recognize it.)

I actually had to go to Google translate to read what obscene messages she was leaving. I've since seen her on several of the blogs I follow and tattled on her to those blog authors :)

That brings me around to what I want to talk about today. Word verification and comment moderation. 

Word verification is the funny little word that you have to type in in order to post a comment. It works pretty good at keeping the spammers away. It doesn't work 100% of the time though and sometimes they still get through. A lot of people HATE having to type in those letters but to me it's better than having to delete lots of comments.

Comment moderation means that the blog author has to approve your comment before it shows up on their post. I'm actually torn about the use of comment moderation. Here's why...

I use comment moderation but only on posts that are older than 2 weeks. Spammers seem to like to go back in time to leave their bull. And a lot of times they will pick a post that was really meaningful to the author or had a lot of comments on it to post about Viagra or such things.

I also get very irritated with comment moderation but only for silly reasons. One is because I can't seem to remember to preview what I wrote before I hit publish. Then I'm sitting there wondering if I had any typos or said something that sounded ridiculously stupid. Silly reasons :)

The only other complaint I have about comment moderation is when it is used in conjunction with word verification. If the reason you are using word verification is to keep out spammers then you really don't need to moderate the comment too. I mean if you're going to moderate it then you can just hit 'reject' on the comment and it will never be seen by anyone but you.

Obviously there is a time that both HAVE to be used. Like I said before, I use comment moderation on posts older than 2 weeks and because I use word verification for current posts that means that word verification is also used on the posts that I moderate. 

Well, I've rambled on here quite enough for one day :) I'm not sure if I had any kind of a point. Maybe I just needed to vent about my Japanese stalker. Have a good Saturday everyone! See you soon.

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pammie said...

argh spammers are the worst! i love you sissy!

william said...

very interesting dear, I hate them too and have always had ALL comments moderated xx good post

william said...

congrats dear I have promoted YOUR blog xxx


karensanders said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I found your blog through William's blog promotion! I am a new blogger so this is really useful stuff!

♥ Kathy said...

Thank you so much William! and Welcome Karen..I hope you come back often :)

And of course, I love you too sister ♥

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