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Some of you know that I have a cookbook blog. If you didn't then guess what? I have a cookbook blog! :) You can click here to see it.

Food blogs have their own special places and widgets that are made just for you and your food. There are several but today I thought I would tell you about my favorites.
There are almost 7000 food blogs listed on the Foodie Blogroll and the list is growing every day. When I first signed up for it there were under 3000 and that's been a year ago. They list 5 random blogs each day on their widget and have giveaways for some really cool cooking related items.
This site promotes recipe sharing, cooking tips and food blogs.
Called the cooking encyclopedia this site is packed full of recipes, tips and techniques.
Another great recipe site that your blog can be listed on. They will send you a daily menu to your email.

If you'd like to see how each of these looks on your blog just go to my cookbook on the page called Find me here (or just click here) and check them out. 

Have a great day everyone and as I always say on my cookbook, Happy Cooking! :)

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william said...

almost makes me hungry thinkin about it lol, thanks Kath im sure u are a fantastic cook xx

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