Hiding the navigation bar

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I can NOT stand the navigation bar at the top of blogs. You know what I mean...

That thing. 

So I remove it from all of my blogs. It's pretty simple to do. 

1. Go to your dashboard. 

2. Go to "Layout" for the blog you want to hide the nav bar on and then "Edit HTML". Don't worry. It's not that scary :)

3. Find the following code in the section "Edit Template" (you can use the Edit button on your browser. Just select Find and then type in the code and it will find it in the HTML for you.)

4. Directly above that code paste in the following code:

#navbar-iframe {   height:0px;   visibility:hidden;   display:none   }

5. "Preview" your blog to make sure it looks right and then select "Save Template". 

All done! I told you it was simple :)

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william said...

brilliant, thanks Kath xxx

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