A few suggestions -- Part 2 of my opinion

I have a few suggestions for your blog. They are just suggestions. You don't have to listen to me. You know I am of the belief that it's your blog and you can do what you want with it. On with the suggestions :)
  •  Don't put too much stuff on it. It tends to get confusing and most people just give up looking at all the stuff and ignore it. This is actually one of the great things about Pages. You can add all the stuff you want on separate pages (like I have lol) and still have your stuff but not have your front page be too crowded for the visitors eyes. There is more chance that your stuff will be looked at that way and not ignored :)
  • Please, please, please don't use a dark background with dark text or a light background with light text! It makes it so hard to read what you've written and you want people to be able to read what you wrote! That was the whole point of writing it wasn't it? If you have a dark background, white text works best and if you have a light background, black text works best. You can change your font colors under Layout/Fonts and Colors. 
  • Break your posts up. By this I mean don't write the whole post as one long paragraph. Break it into smaller paragraphs. Again it has to do with readability. Most people won't keep reading if it's bunched all up. I don't know why but I do know it's true. I'm guilty of that myself.
  • Try to use a template that isn't the main focus of the page. By this I mean don't use one that has lots of pictures across the post section. Again, it makes it hard to read.
  • Don't expect other people to feel the same way you do about things. Just because you comment on 100 different blogs (yes I do), don't expect all those people to come comment on yours. If that were true I'd have more comments than posts! If you comment on someone's blog (even if you comment on every single post they write) don't expect them to come comment on all your posts. It just isn't realistic. 
  • Give linky love whenever you can. If you talk about someone else and their blog, link back to it. You would want them to link back to you if they wrote about your blog so show the same courtesy to them. Plus it's a great way to get more readers. People DO click on links to see where it takes them and you may just get visitors that you would never have gotten before.
Well, those are really the only suggestions I have today :) I just thought I'd put my thoughts out there. I'm not perfect. My blogs are by no means perfect either but I'm always trying to improve them so that people enjoy the time they spend with me. Have a great day everyone!

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william said...

very sound advice, very recently I found the jump tool on blogger which allows u to put some info in your post and when u hit the read more button the rest is revealed this doesnt pack ur blog out and leave people scrolling forever, thanks Kath xx

Ruthie said...

good points, Kathy. I agree with what you wrote. Short and sweet to get the point across. :)

have a good day.

CelticDragonfly said...

trys again(first time i wasnt signed into blogger and laptop was retarded).... Thank You for the suggestions...Im so guilty of not leaving comments on the blogs I read *smacks my hand bad Brittany* <3 ya moo-ma

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