How do you "follow"?

I got to looking at my blog statistics this morning and saw that I have 17 followers of my feed for this blog. Since I only have 6 followers through Friend Connect (that's on my sidebar) I thought I would do a little mini-survey :)

How do you follow the blogs you follow? Do you only follow in a reader (follow my feed instead of my blog) or do you follow through Friend Connect? Do you do both? 

I actually do both for the blogs I follow. I follow through Friend Connect so that your blogs show up on my Blogger dashboard AND I follow by RSS feed so that your blogs are on my browser home page. I normally check my dashboard first though and only look at the feeds when I'm in a big hurry.

If you want to find out your stats it's simple:

1. Go to your dashboard

2. In the top right hand corner it says "My Account". Click on it

3. Click on "Feedburner" and then the name of the blog you want to see the statistics for. You can even see a map of where your visitors are from :) 

Let me know how you follow....I really want to know :)

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3 of the people I love gave me love:

CelticDragonfly said...

I use the rss feed and i follow your blog and follow you through facebook hehe

william said...

good question dear, I follow your 2 blogs by google reader, it alerts me when u post, so I never miss it xx

xinex said...

I went to My account but I don't see feedburner. I usually just go to my Dashboard and check my list there....Christine

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