Do you like widgets? Wait. Do you know what a widget is? I guess that would be the best place to start :)

A widget is an application that can be embedded onto your blogs pages, sidebar or posts. Here are a few examples of widgets:
  • Games
  • Weather statistics
  • Countdown clocks
  • YouTube playlists
  • Cyber pets
  • News feeds
  • And many, many more
The list is literally endless. Do you want a widget? Ok! There are lots of places to get widgets. Here are just a few:
But my very favorite place to get widgets is from Widgetbox! They have over two hundred thousand different widgets to choose from and you can even make your own widgets. I love it there. I really get lost in all the widgets :)

So check it out if you have the desire to add a widget to your page. I'll leave you with a fun one....Have a great day everyone!

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Alex said...

Yes, I definitely love you widgets. This are cool items we can used nowadays. Thanks for the interesting post. Keep it up buddy.

Pat said...

Hi Kathy
I also went into your Blog help page "whew" I sure could have used that a year ago lol,listen I have an "Award" for you the "Stiletto Award" please come by and pick it up. I know I'm just meeting you but your post really touched my heart,so please except this "Award" in love and enjoy it,I'll run add your link. :)

william said...

now we are on my subject lol love widgets hehhe great post xxx

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