Blogger post editor: Old vs. Updated

Do you know about the post editor? Just in case you don't, I'll explain a little here at the beginning of my post.

The post editor is the form that you use to write you posts. When you select new post it takes you to that form that I'm talking about. The question is, do you use the old editor or the updated editor?

How can you tell and what's the difference? That's what my post is about today.

To see which editor you are using:

  • Go to Settings/Basic
  • At the bottom of that page it says "Select post editor". That's where you can see which editor you are using. 

Here are the differences.

Old editor:

The old editor is fine to use. It's the one I started with and was most comfortable with for a long time. 

Some pluses:
  • It's pretty basic and easy to figure out
  • You can upload videos 
  • It has spellcheck
Some minuses:
  • It's pretty basic
  • There aren't a lot of fonts to choose from
  • Scheduling your post doesn't always work right
The updated editor:

 The updated editor is really cool to me.

Some pluses:
  • There are lots of fonts to choose from
  • There is strike-through on the editor so instead of having to use the (<)strike code you can just highlight the word you want to strike out and click that button...like so :) 
  • There is a highlight option on the editor so you can highlight words easily
  • You can highlight in many different colors
  • The link option says Link and allows you to check your link before you insert it. It also gives you the option to insert an email address as the link
  •  When you upload a picture you can easily resize it
  • The schedule post option works perfectly
Some minuses:
  • You can't upload videos yet. Blogger says they are working on this. You have to switch back to the old editor to upload a video if you're not using YouTube or something like that. You can switch back to the updated editor after your video is uploaded.
  • Sometimes it changes fonts on you and you have to change it back
  • Sometimes it takes spaces out or puts them in that you didn't want and you have to change that
  • It doesn't have spellcheck
So that's the differences. Which one are you using?  

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3 of the people I love gave me love:

william said...

yes they made a few better changes, thanks Kath xx

CelticDragonfly said...

I use the new one but what aggravates me is they change the alignment on me grrrrr

Shark Bait said...

Neither if I can help it.

I do all my posts in Live Writer and post them from there.

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