Blogger changes

Blogger is always making changes to improve your blogging experience. The newest changes I noticed a couple of days ago but I haven't really explored them yet. I HAVE looked at them though, so today I thought I'd just give you a quick summary of what I've found.

On your dashboard where it used to say Layout, it now says Design. When you click on it, it still takes you to Page Elements where you can add gadgets and rearrange your page elements. Edit HTML is also still there.

The new part is Template Designer. Here you can change your template, add a background image, choose your main color theme, tweak your layout and add advanced CSS. 

As I explore these options, I'll tell you all about them. 

I've also noticed that when you select Preview under your post, it opens your preview in a new page so that you can see the whole page and not just preview the post in a little window. I think that's pretty cool.

Have a great weekend everyone and I'll see you soon!

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