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Since I told you how to make your own links using HTML codes yesterday, I thought today I would show you a few other HTML codes that I use often. Don't forget to NOT include the red parenthesis.

1. Centering videos, text and pictures in posts and sidebar widgets.

When you put a video into your post it doesn't show up until you preview it so you can't just click on it to center it.

What you need is the "center" HTML. Simply go to "Edit Html" and add the code. You are going to add (<)center> before the video's code and (<)/center> after it. Notice the / in the second code. That is closing the code which basically means it will center everything from the beginning of the code (the original "center") to the end of the code (the "/center").

And your video will be centered:

Also, there are two places in the video code that say "width" and "height". You can make your video change size if it doesn't fit into your post the way you want it to. Say I want it to be half that size....I'd change those numbers to 213 and 172. Make sure you change BOTH sets of numbers though! So then my video would look like this:

You can play around with it and make it whatever size you want :)

The "center" code works the same way with text and HTML code pictures too. Just insert the opening (<)center> at the beginning and the closing (<)/center> at the end.

I often use the "Text" widget on my sidebars and they don't offer a lot of HTML options.

2. To make words bigger you will need to use the "big" HTML:

(<)big>the words in between will be bigger(<)/big>

the words in between will be bigger

(<)big>(<)big>(<)big>(<)big>the more you put, the bigger they will be(<)/big>(<)/big>(<)/big>(<)/big>

the more you put, the bigger they will be

3. To underline words, use the "underline" HTML

(<)u>These words will be underlined(<)/u>

These words will be underlined

4. I have a lot of fun with the "strike" HTML code

(<)strike>Some(<)/strike> people think I'm (<)strike>crazy(<)/strike> fun

Some people think I'm crazy fun

5. And the final code I'll show you today is one I use all the time. It's a heart: ♥ To make one (which I don't know why you'd want to...it's kind of an obsession of mine LOL) just put the following:


Have a great Saturday everyone!! See you tomorrow if all goes well :)

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Way cool. Thanks. You will be my go to guide when I need to do something.

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I love that movie.

(I know that has nothing to do with your informative post, but I still do.)

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