Facebook, MySpace and your blogs (plus a short note from me)

I told you that I would let you know about Facebook and MySpace today and I always try to do the things I say I'm going to do :)

First, MySpace HATES my blogs. They really do. Tom (the founder of MySpace) says they are spam and if I post a link to them ANYWHERE (on my page, on the bulletin board, on my blog there, in my status) you get sent to a message that says they are spam and won't let you get here. Booooo!

Basically I'm telling you that MySpace is not the place for blogs unless they are the MySpace blogs. I do post the addresses to my blogs there regardless of being called spam and I just tell people to copy and paste the address to visit me here. It's up to you if you want to do that.

Facebook, on the other hand, is an excellent place for your blogs. They have an application there called NetworkedBlogs. You may have noticed the widget on my sidebar. It's an awesome little application. And very simple too.

When you log into your Facebook account, go to search applications and put in NetworkedBlogs (which I'm going to call NB for the rest of this post). I suggest that you become a fan. It's worth the fan status :)

On the home page of NB, find the box that says "claim your blog". Put in the URL of your blog. It will ask you if you are the author of that blog. Tell it yes. You have a choice of either letting your friends verify that it's your blog (which I've never done) or verifying it right then by putting the widget that you see on my sidebar onto your blog (that's what I've done all 4 times I've claimed a blog there).

Open a new tab to put the widget on your blog so that you can keep the NB page open also.
Go to your Blogger dashboard/Layout/Add a gadget/HTML/Javascript and paste the code into that gadget. Preview your blog then save.

Now go back to the NB page and select "Verify" at the bottom of the page. It will search for the widget on your blog and accept you pretty much immediately.

Once you are accepted, set up your feed settings and anything else you want to set up there. It's all pretty easy to figure out.

The only other suggestion I have for NB is using the invite your friends option. On the right hand side (on your profile on NB...just click the name of your blog if you don't see this) it says "Invite People to Follow". When you click on that, it shows your friends on Facebook. Invite up to 20 people a day to follow you.

As an added note, I'm Kathy Brakhage on Facebook and all my blogs (including this one) are on NB. Follow me. Add me as a friend. Whichever (or both) that you want to do....I like friends and followers :)


Now onto the short note I eluded to in the title.

Our internet may be shut off here very soon. If it is, I will continue to post at least once a week from the library. It's awful. It makes me sad. I want to scream. But that won't help. :) Just know that I haven't abandoned you and I WILL be back! Have a nice day everyone ♥

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UPDATE: MySpace is now allowing you to add links to your status so eventually they may come around to allowing you to add your blogs to your page there too. Yay! 4/10/10

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