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Over the next few days I thought I'd tell you some ways to change the appearance of your blog. I'm not talking about your actual layout (I told you a while back some places to get great layouts if that's what you're wanting to change. Just look under tips on my sidebar.) but about the widgets and gadgets. And about your sidebar. But today, I'm going to talk about how your posts look.

If you never change any of your post options, you'll have "posted by...(your username)", "(how ever many) comments", an email option and "labels:" underneath your post. To me that's boring. No offense to anyone that has it that way on their blogs. If you like it that way, by all means leave it that way. But I got to thinking that maybe you just don't know how to change it. If that's the case then today's post is for you!

Here's what you do:

1. Go to your dashboard

2. Go to Layout and then Page Elements

3. Find the section that says "Blog Posts". In the bottom corner it will say "Edit". Click it.

Here's what mine looks like when I click edit:


Under "Post Page Options" you can change the items in the squares to say anything you want. For example, instead of saying "Posted by...", mine says "Love,". Add or remove the check marks next to the items you want to show on your post. I don't like the email option so I don't have it checked. I also decided a while back to not show ads on my blogs so I don't have that checked either.

You can also change what reactions people have if you choose that option. You can have those buttons say anything you want.

And finally, you can arrange them anyway you want at the very bottom of that page.

4. When you have everything the way you want it, select "save" on the widget.

5. Select "save" at the top of your layout.

That's it! Now your blog post is personalized! Have fun with it. Be creative :)

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sherri said...

Great tips. You explain things very well.

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