These snowflakes will last all year

Around Christmastime, my friend Doris from Crocheting in Georgia had some pictures up of her lovely Christmas tree. It was decorated with white snowflakes that I thought were just beautiful. Come to find out, she made them out of coffee filters! For real!

Then Doris sent out some crocheted snowflakes to people on her blog and I was one of them! I received mine yesterday and I have to tell you, they are absolutely beautiful!! Doris is very talented that's for sure! Here they are:

They are perfect little snowflakes with silver sparkling throughout them! I am so happy that Doris chose to send them to me! Included with the snowflakes was a wonderful handwritten note (I miss handwritten letters don't you?) and one of her cards that says that she donates 10% of her Etsy sales to Honeybee Research. I think that's awesome too! 

If you get the chance please click here to visit this lovely lady. You may know that yesterday I wrote about her cutie pie dog on my Crazy Life site. You can learn more about him while you're visiting her :)

If you'd like to visit her Etsy shop, click here.

Thank you so much Doris! I love them! I hope you and everyone reading this has a terrific day!

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Doris Sturm said...

Thank you so much, dearest Kathy - you are very, very sweet. I'm glad you like them.

By the way, I have entered your name in another drawing for a cock-eyed potholder because I have amended my post about the Photo Contest to indicate that any person blogging about the contest and/or placing a link to their blog's side bar will be entered in another drawing - I thought I'd give everyone additional incentive ;-) So far you're the only one who did it - you may catch that darn rooster yet ;-)

Have a blessed and happy weekend.

Love ya!

p.s. how do I become a "follower" of this blog? other than to subscribe the RSS feed?

♥ Kathy said...

On the sidebar at the top of the page under "Welcome to Blog Love" there is a page called "Follow Me". Just click on it and there you will find the Google Friend Connect gadget :)

William Manson © 2010 said...

very nice Kath, some real at the moment in some countries lol :)

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