Good morning everyone! I hope you're having a nice Saturday so far! I thought today I'd tell you about MckLinky. I'm just about positive that you've seen posts where people allow you to add your own links to their posts. If you haven't then click here to see my post today on my Happy At Home blog (and feel free to link in something funny :D I would love that!).

I used to use Mr. Linky for my link-up-with-me-posts but I was very disappointed with it. First of all I had to pay for it and most of you know that I hate having to pay for stuff. I just don't have extra money for things like that. And even though I paid for it, it didn't work right. Then they wanted me to upgrade and pay more money. No thank you.

That's when I found MckLinky. This is a free linking service. So far the only problem I've had with it was getting it to go to my time zone. I did get that fixed though. It just took 48 hours to refresh in their system and now it works perfectly. 

It's very simple to set up and use. If you have anything that you want people to link to you, this is the site I recommend using. And just to show how much I like them, here's a little advertising for them:

Just click on it to visit them and set up your account. I hope y'all have a great Saturday! See you tomorrow!

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♥ Kathy said...

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William Manson © 2010 said...

thanks for that Kath, I know a few people who use them and it seems good for them, I will bear this great post in mind, keep helpin us out babe and thank you xx

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