Things I love and things I don't love

I told you yesterday that something had made me very unhappy but I wasn't going to get into it on my daughter's birthday. Today, however, you will hear about it.

If you read my Happy At Home blog then you already know why I'm upset. Aggravated is a much better word. Here's the deal...

My fish is very sick. More than likely she's going to die. I spent all of my free time yesterday and last night trying to research what is wrong with her. The key word there is trying.

Most of the sites Google sent me to were no help at all. That really makes me mad. Why did Google say they were good sites for the answers I so desperately needed? Because of the tags that were put on people's posts. They added tags that had NOTHING to do with the actual post that they wrote. That is so wrong to me.

Google has no idea that their search results are wrong. As far as I know they don't anyway. Their robots search the site and the labels aka tags that the site administrator added to their posts lies to the robots and makes them think there is something about that thing on the site when there really isn't. (Does that make sense?)

So today I'd like to suggest to you...to BEG YOU...PLEASE DO NOT ADD TAGS THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR POST! I wasted a lot of time going to sites that did not contain what they claimed to contain. 

Ok, I feel better now. To feel EVEN better, I'm moving on to the things I love :)

My friends Amy @ Keeping Up With The Schultz Family and Ji @ Jingle have both given me several awards. I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to post them ladies!

From Amy:

From Ji:

Thank you so much Amy & Ji ♥ I love them and y'all!

I hope all of you reading this have a wonderful day! See you soon!

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