A prize, some awards and new blog buttons

My sweet friend Shakira won some prizes and sadly couldn't receive them because she lives in Malaysia and they could only be sent to people in the United States. Because of that she decided to send ME her prizes and I received them on Saturday! Lucky me! They are awesomeness! 

I wanted to link back to the lady Shakira won them from but I can't find her blog :( When I do get a link to it I'll come back here and add it so that y'all can visit the sweet lady that sent me these things!

*Shakira just sent me the link to Kathy's blog. Click here to visit her :) Thanks again Shakira!*

Here's what I got:


There are 3 packs of flower seeds....yay! I love flowers!




Some totally cute gardening gloves!


Some delicious smelling hand soap :)


And a completely cute koozie..


I just love all of it! Thank you so much Shakira for letting me have your prize and thank you to Kathy for sending it to me!

I told you I had some awards given to me too :) Jingle loves giving awards and is so sweet to include me in her giving! Here are the latest awards from Ji..

Thank you so much for these awards Ji! You are so very sweet!

Lastly, I offered to make you a blog button last week and Shakira took me up on the offer :) I made her TWO buttons! Here they are...


I think they turned out really pretty! Thank you for letting me make them for you Shakira! 

Have a great Monday everyone! Hopefully I'll get to catch up on reading your blogs a little later today. I took yesterday off you know and that put me behind but I have a few things I have to do before I can read. Blah lol I miss y'all! See you soon!

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