Awards and A How To video featuring lil ol' me

First of all I have some awards from the lovely and talented Jingle to share with you. She is the sweetest girl and the Queen of Awards if you ask me :) Here they are:

If you don't visit Ji already you are really missing out on a true angel. She is a wonderful poet and a beautiful person. Click here to visit her. 

Thank you so much for all my awards Ji! They are beautiful and I am honored ♥ 

Now, about the how to video I mentioned. I've talked quite a bit about memes and some of you know that I host my own meme on Saturday's on my blog Me & My Memes called Hooray for Saturday! that I've been posting every single Saturday for over a year now.

I really don't have any rules for my meme except one. That you link back to my blog. The blog that I post the meme on. There would be no point whatsoever to link back to one of my other blogs because the meme is only posted on the one I mentioned above. 

I only ask you to link back to me IF you are going to post your link in my MckLinky. I've even made it easy for you by posting the code for my button which AUTOMATICALLY links back to my blog for you on the Hooray for Saturday! post each week.

I really don't think it's too much to ask that you link back properly to me if you're going to add your link to my post. Truly I don't. 

I do understand that some of you may not understand how to get that code and put it into your post. That's what my video is of. Me showing you just how to do that :) 

I apologize in advance for the shaky video quality. I've been quite sick and my hands were, well, shaky. I still think it's good enough to share with you and hope it helps those of you with questions on how to add my button to your posts. 

I hope everyone has a great day...see you soon :)

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