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In some cases you might want people to be able to print your posts. Like in the case of my cookbook. I imagine some people would like to print the recipes. I know I like to print recipes when I find one I really like.

So I've added a Print Friendly Button to my cookbook and now there is a print button on each individual post. You can click here to see what that looks like. Go to the bottom of the post and look for the green button. I'll wait...

Back? Cool. Do you want one? Even cooler :) Here's what you do:

Go here

Follow their instructions. You can add the button to your personal website, a Wordpress blog or a Blogger blog. They have very easy to follow instructions. Be sure to save your template after you add the code. 

The neatest thing to me about this button is it allows you to customize what you print. You can remove pictures or sections of the post so that it only prints what you want. For example you might not want to include my cost section on my recipes and only print the recipe section. No problem with this button. It also allows you to view the post in PDF. Cool again :)

Now go get you one! Have a nice day everyone.

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