I have been blessed with some wonderful, true friends here in blogland and I love them all. This weekend three of them gave me awards that really lifted me up when I was down and feeling unloved. 

My sweet friend Terry @ Canadian Blogger gave me the following encouragement. It touched my heart so much!


be encouraged kathy..the lord knows your heart and is ever near to you and he is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother!...love terry 

That was exactly what I needed to see and hear dear Terry! I love you! Thank you ♥

My sister from a different mister Shakira @ My Blessings of Kinship, her new blog just for awards, gave me the following awards:


Thank you so much babydoll...I love you!

And finally, the sweet and talented Ji @ Jingle gave me the following awards:



Thank you so much Ji! I love you!

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