I wanted to update you on a few things today and the best way I can think of to do that is in list form. Here we go...

1. I'm sure you've noticed that I've changed my blog template. I also took out the Intense Debate comment form which means a couple of things...It means that all your old comments are gone which isn't cool but I can live with it and it means that you can't leave comments on older posts now. You can't do that because when I had the I.D. form on here, I had to have the settings say "Don't allow, show existing" and unless I go back and edit each individual post to "Allow comments" then new comments aren't allowed. I honestly don't have the time to change each individual post so that's why it will tell you that new comments are not allowed. You can, however, post comments on my new posts including this one.

2. Speaking of time, I still don't have a lot of time to post new tips but the 50+ tips that I have already posted are still under the tab **BLOG TIPS** at the top of this page. If you design your own blog, there are a lot of good things there that will help you. Please remember that Blogger has changed their "Layout" button to "Design" so anywhere that I have told you to go to "Layout" just go to "Design" instead.

3. I do have the time to work on your blog for you though. If that's something you are interested in, then just go to the tab Kats Kreations at the top of this page for all the information. I'd love to help you out!

4. I have been slacking on picking up my awards lately. I'm sorry about that. Life has just been downright hectic. If you gave me any awards then thank you so much! I really appreciate the recognition and love ♥

5. Finally, I'd like to thank those of you that follow me here and on my other blogs. I enjoy the friendship, the comments, the emails and the encouragement. You mean the world to me and I wouldn't want to be here without you!

Have a great day everyone!  

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2 of the people I love gave me love:

william said...

awe this is cool dear, welcome back xx

Doris Sturm said...

Understood! Thanks for the update, Kathy!

I almost asked for your expertise because I've had so much problems with Blogger and have been posting via Flickr for a long time - of course, no links and just one photo, but still, better than nothings.

A fellow blogger talked about Windows Live Writer and I downloaded it - WOW! I'm so jazzed! I should have done it sooner. It's amazing, so now I don't even care about blogger not working properly anymore. I just post via Windows Live Writer now.

Have a great evening and thanks for your kind offer to want to help. I will keep it in mind.

With love,
Doris and Gizzy :-)

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